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Chateau de Chaumont, Loire Valley, France

...A carefully made print from an anonymous c1914 autochrome plate. Autochrome was the original commercial color process, invented in 1904 by Auguste and Louis Lumiere. It was a positive color transparency, a slide. Prints made from these plates have a quality similar to pointillist paintings, and are quite beautiful. Click here to learn more.

Click the picture for a larger image. Requires Adobe Acrobat.

I own the plate. My copyright is on the scan and restoration.

16 x 23 in (41 x 58 cm) from antique glass plate autochrome. Open edition. No color correction, just careful retouching of pinholes and scratches and a small crack in the extreem upper left.

ON PAPER: Printed on premium acid-free archival paper with archival pigment inks.

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